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Service Level Agreement

Deiser provides consistent and responsible support to all our customers* and for the following product categories:

Products manufactured by Deiser:

Products manufactured by other companies, distributed and implanted in Spain by Deiser:

  • All products and apps** manufactured by Atlassian.

We'll make our best effort to respond to your request within no more than 1 business day.

* To receive support from Deiser you must have bought the product to us directly or through a third party and need to have an active maintenance subscription. 

** Third party apps are not included.

Support Channels

You can request support through one of the following channels:

Jira-based support at

You can also ask for help from community at

We recommend posting support requests to our JIRA. In addition to keeping the history of support requests for future analysis, our JIRA also offers you to specify urgency level for your request, allowing us to prioritize and address critical issues first.


8:00 am — 7:00 pm CET, Monday through Thursday

8:00 am — 3:00 pm CET, on Friday

Our support team is based in Madrid, Spain (GMT+1)

We may be off hours during Spanish public holidays. (But we try to keep an eye on incoming requests and answer urgent messages during off hours as well.)

What does this support include?

Product Support INCLUDES

Product Support NOT INCLUDES

Product Support INCLUDES

Product Support NOT INCLUDES

  • Answering questions about product functionality.

  • Responding sales-related requests.

  • Investigating support cases related to our products.

  • Suggesting workarounds and configuration changes where applicable.

  • When a defect is identified, scheduling releases based on the latest version of the product. (Please note that you'll need to have an active maintenance subscription to install a new release).

  • Collecting feedback and recording feature requests. (Please note that we don't guarantee that a feature request will ever be implemented.)

  • Training.

  • Phone support, screen sharing, webinars.

  • Help with programming. (Although we'll be happy to give you pointers to the Structure API documentation.)

  • Support for issues that are not related to our products.

  • Support for non-GA versions (development builds, beta versions) and for versions that have been modified by the customer.

  • Investigating support cases for versions that have reached its end.

  • Creating patches for previous versions of the product.