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With Budgety, you can easily input and track both direct and indirect costs associated with your project, and monitor their impact on your budget in real-time. Our app provides reporting that give you an overview of your entire project portfolio.

After install Budgety go to a specific project and start tracking your project budget and costs.

You need to allow the app to access Atlassian products on your behalf.

Fill in the project budget

Your Jira projects should have a budget. With Budgety you have the possibility to register them.

Register the project costs

  • Direct: Select one or more users and their fares within a specific date range.

    • Budgety will calculate the total direct cost by looking at the user's work logs in the project for the configured date range. It is important to mention that the cost is calculated when you are creating it. Future work logs in the cost date range will not be taken into account.

  • Indirect: Add indirect project costs such as taxis, computers, etc. The total indirect cost will be calculated by looking at the units and the cost of them.

Review all project costs in detail

You can enter as many cost as you want. Budgety will allow you to review them in any project.

Do not worry if you find outdated/incorrect costs: you will be able to delete them.

Review the incurred cost and remaining budget

As it should be important for you to have budget/cost control of your project when you are working on it, Budgety will show you the remaining budget / incurrent cost.

Every time you introduced a new cost these data is recalculated. You may want to change the project’s budget and it will also make these data to be recalculated.


Get real-time reporting and insights into your project portfolio's financial health

Go to the main apps menu and access to Budgety:


Once in, you could see totals budget and a summary of your projects: