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Now that you have your scheduled exports up and running, it is time to manage them. 

1. In the Apps menu, you will be able to access this page by clicking on issue navigator, the "View all scheduled exports" is placed on the tool bar. 


2. Once here, you will be able to see a list of the Scheduled exports with some important information about them:

  • Name, Owner: who created it.

  • Frequency: when the export will be launched.

  • Last Export: when was the last time this export has been launched.

  • Status: show whether your scheduled Export is Active or Paused.

  • Exported Data: the actual list of issues to export - you can go straight to the Issue navigator to see that list.

  • Executions: here you will be able to see the logs from a particular scheduled export.: if it runs as expected, if it failed, etc.

  • Actions: that will allow you to run the export now, edit the export, and delete that schedule for that export.